Leon Bazile Perrault

Catalogue Raisonné for the complete works of Léon Jean Bazile Perrault (1832 - 1908)

After 35 years of research, scholarship and dealing with the works of Léon Jean Bazile Perrault and witnessing the confusion over authenticity, I decided that rather than publishing a multi-volume catalogue, we would address the authenticity issues surrounding works by of Léon Bazile Perrault by creating a virtual Catalogue Raisonné for the artist's body of work of Léon Bazile Perrault was a prolific painter therefore this extensive project will be an ongoing.

The virtual catalogue's site will enable auction houses, collectors and owners of works by the of Léon Jean Bazile Perrault to either send their works by the artist to Dallas, Texas for review (preferable) or submit professional high resolution images (front, back and signature) of their painting(s) for an expert opinion. If a painting(s) is accepted, it will to be included in Catalogue Raisonné for the complete works of Léon Jean Bazile Perrault (1832-1908). A unique catalogue id number and an acceptance letter will be issued. Works that do not meet our criteria will be stored for future reference but not included in the Perrault catalogue raisonné.

The Catalogue Raisonné is searchable by title or description, size, subject and date. The fee to summit an individual painting for an opinion and to be included is $350.00. Shipping artwork to Dallas and the return will be the responsibility of the owner.

Brian Roughton
Catalogue Raisonné Léon Jean Bazile Perrault Committee